PoPToP Everywhere

[ Thanks to MDR
for this report. ]

The free Linux PPTP VPN server (aka PoPToP) has a massive
following in both the linux community and the enterprise world.
Finding use in Universities as far away as Australia and Norway and
in production environments (small and large) world-wide, PoPToP is
being deployed to serve seamless VPN access to countless Windows
PPTP VPN clients with a full range of authentication and encryption
options. With more recent enhancements to PoPToP there are now
reports of people using the PPTP server for IPX network games over
the Internet (and hence bypassing expensive 3rd party Internet
gaming servers). PoPToP is a classic example of what the free linux
community can achieve!

PoPToP was originally designed by Moreton Bay for its VPN Router
(aka NETtel). The guys at Moreton Bay are also responsible for the
the Linux
Coldfire port
. For more info on PoPToP go here: www.moretonbay.com/vpn/pptp.html