PR Newswire: CyberStation of Victoria Ltd., a software and multi-media developer, announces the development of a series of user-friendly products for use with Linux operating systems

“The Cyber Station development team has been programming in
Linux for over two years. The timing is terrific because most of
the major PC manufactures have announced in the past few weeks that
they are fully supporting Linux as an operating system. The initial
offering consists of three products, Linux HelpCard, a handy
plastic reference card for new Linux users; Macropedia, which makes
frustrating Internet searches a thing of the past; and the Internet
Search Pre-Processor which formats Internet search commands into
the required syntax. All are intended to make life easier for the
new Internet user.”

“The Linux HelpCard is a handy plastic laminated reference card
for the most common and useful Linux commands. Available in
“Novice” and “Expert” versions, the HelpCards are created for
each version of Linux such as Red Hat and SUSE. The product
contains instructions for the new Linux user to easily and quickly
configure the Linux operating system to work with modems and ISDN
adapters; and a series of pre-defined scripts and macros which
greatly simplify Linux for both new and non-technical users.”