PR Newswire: ParaSoft to Show Support for Linux at LinuxWorld

“Software Solutions Provider Helps Increase Awareness Of Linux
for Software Developers”

“ParaSoft, leading provider of software error prevention and
error detection solutions, today announced that they will show
support for Linux by exhibiting at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo
in San Jose. ParaSoft will be showcasing development tools for
C/C++ during exhibition hours from August 10-12, 1999.”

“Since 1995, ParaSoft has provided CodeWizard, a coding
standards enforcement tool, and Insure++, a runtime debugger, to
serious C/C++ developers and managers using Linux. ParaSoft made
this move because they saw the strength of the Linux movement.
According to market research firm International Data Corporation
(IDC), Linux commercial shipments will grow faster than the total
shipments of all other client or server OS systems through 2003.
IDC research also states that Linux was the fastest-growing server
operating environment in 1998, growing more than 212 percent in
that year alone and capturing more than 17 percent of all server
operating system shipments.”