Practical-Tech-com: Ransom Love Speaks About UnitedLinux, SCO & Where He’s Going Now

“While Red Hat gained popularity by appealing to end-users,
Caldera under Love’s lead, moved slower and always kept its focus
on the business market. To further its pursuit of the business
market, Caldera bought the then struggling Unix on Intel leader,
SCO in August of 2000. This gave Caldera, SCO’s strong reseller
channel and two other major business operating systems: the
never-say die OpenServer and the often-renamed UnixWare.

“This done, Love who had been a leader in Linux standardization
efforts such as the Linux Standard Base (LSB), got together with
the CEOs of Conectiva, SuSE and Turbolinux to form the UnitedLinux
consortium. The purpose of this organization is to create
UnitedLinux, a high-end server version of Linux to compete against
Red Hat Advanced Server (RHAS), the proprietary Unixes and W2K and
Microsoft’s forthcoming .NET Server.

“To get UnitedLinux off the drawing boards and onto production
CDs, Love resigned as Caldera’s CEO and helped co-ordinate the four
companies business and development efforts. And then, but let’s
Ransom tell it…”


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