PRC: Linux OS Continues to Gain Interest and Devotees

“Interest in development of a Chinese-language operating
system (OS) based on Linux continues to grow in both the
governmental and private sectors.
For example, conferees at a
recent symposium on China?s Government Online Project decided that
a Chinese version of the Linux OS should be used as the system

“On August 11, the Renmin Ribao (People?s Daily) reported the
formal launch of the new Red Flag Linux OS. Red Flag Linux, a
locally developed Chinese-language OS, is based on Linux freeware,
and is claimed to be the only Chinese OS that supports large
character sets.”

“On August 19, the Diannao Ribao (Computer Daily) reported that
a small group of developers in Shenzhen had created a “localized
version” of Linux, the Bluepoint Linux OS. The system was developed
without outside financial assistance, and features Chinese-language
display and input capabilities that use localized code to access
the kernel directly.”