Presswire: Novell invests in five Internet companies

“Novell, Inc. today announced the exchange of more than $15
million of investment capital by the Novell(R) Ventures (formerly
the Internet Equity Fund) for minority equity positions in five
Internet and network software companies: Edgix, Food.com, Indus
River, Red Hat, and W. R. Hambrecht.”

“As the Internet directory leader, Novell continues to build an
ecosystem of developer and investment partners around the NetWare
platform and NDS,” said Christopher Stone, Novell senior vice
president for strategy and corporate development.”

“Novell Ventures provides a vehicle through which we can
accelerate directory developments that enhance the value our
customers derive from their business networks and the

“Red Hat Software, Inc., of Research Triangle, N.C., has become
a leader in providing businesses with the open-source Linux
operating system and related applications and services.”

“Novell Ventures promotes Novell’s interests in advancing
innovative, Internet-related, networking technologies.”

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