Presswire: Siemens ports openUTM transaction monitor and openFT file transfer software to Linux

“Siemens Computer Systems has extended its commitment to the
Linux operating system by porting two of its enterprise software
management products – openUTM and openFT – to Linux. OpenUTM from
Siemens is one of Europe’s leading universal transaction monitors.
It is available across a range of platforms, and is used primarily
as an enterprise tool across a large number of networked servers as
it can support up to 10,000 clients. Siemens’ openFT file-transfer
software, which has been specially optimised to transport files
automatically, securely and at low cost over heterogeneous
platforms and networks, can now also be used on Linux.

“Siemens plans to be a top three player in Linux across
and already works closely with leading Linux software
partners including Red Hat Linux and SuSE…”

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