PRNewswire: Acrylis Inc., Launches WhatifLinux.com

“Acrylis Inc., innovators in the open-source, software
management industry, today announced the immediate availability of
WhatifLinux.com, a Web-based service that helps Linux
Administrators monitor and manage open-source software assets.
WhatifLinux.com is a unique service that incorporates all the
latest open-source software alerts, releases and information into
its Knowledge Base, profiles the software running on its subscriber
open-source servers, and then proactively delivers targeted
knowledge directly to the system administrator.
A key feature
of WhatifLinux.com is the “What if” decision support tool, a
comprehensive software dependency analysis that enables the
administrator to make better-informed decisions.”

“The WhatifLinux.com service saves hours of painstaking and
expensive investigation and provides critical risk analysis and
software management, enabling systems administrators to increase
service levels and system up time. This new service is available
immediately, priced starting at $100 per month.”

“WhatifLinux.com goes far beyond ‘static’ log monitors, network
process monitors and software update services by providing
administrators with centralized management and critical risk
analysis of their networked systems. These ‘what-if’ scenarios are
based on software changes, dependencies, alerts, patches and
releases of various software packages.”

Press Release