PRNewswire: Apple Unveils Mac OS X

“Reasserting its leadership in personal computer operating
systems, Apple(R)(Nasdaq: AAPL) today unveiled Mac(R) OS X, the
next generation Macintosh(R) operating system. Steve Jobs
demonstrated Mac OS X to an audience of over 4,000 people during
his Macworld Expo keynote today, and over 100 developers have
pledged their support for the new operating system, including Adobe
and Microsoft. Pre-release versions of Mac OS X will be delivered
to Macintosh software developers by the end of this month, and will
be commercially released this summer.”

“Mac OS X is a completely new implementation of the Macintosh
operating system, featuring state of the art technology throughout,
including an entirely new user interface called “Aqua.” Mac OS X is
designed to make computing even easier for consumers, while
simultaneously extending the functionality for professional users.
Mac OS X will fully replace the current generation Macintosh
operating system over the next 12 months….”

At the core of Mac OS X is Darwin, Apple’s advanced
operating system kernel. Darwin is Linux-like, featuring the same
Free BSD Unix support and open-source model.
Darwin brings an
entirely new foundation to the Mac OS, offering Mac users true
memory protection for higher reliability, preemptive multitasking
for smoother operation among multiple applications and fully
Internet-standard TCP/IP networking. As a result, Mac OS X is the
most reliable and robust Apple operating system ever.”

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