PRNewswire: Brocker Signs on with Silicon Graphics in New Zealand

“Brocker Technology Group Ltd., BKI.T (‘Brocker’) is
pleased to announce the appointment of wholly owned subsidiary
Sealcorp Computer Products
(‘Sealcorp’) as the sole
distributor of the full range of Silicon Graphics
(‘SGI’) products in New Zealand.”

“SGI offers a range of competitively targeted servers and
workstation products and continues to grow market share in high-end
processing and graphics environments. SGI is building hardware and
software to take advantage of Linux’s adoptions and already has
announced a collaboration with VA Linux Systems to provide the
industry’s first professional level OpenGL graphics sub-system for
workstations running Linux. SGI had global revenue of $2.7billion
in 1999.”

“Greg Sitters, SGI Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
says, ‘We expect a combination of Windows NT and Linux products to
be the dominant part of SCI’s growth and revenue in New Zealand and
that the NT/Linux markets are dominated by a distribution
strategy.’ For further information, refer to www.sgi.com.”

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