PRNewswire: BRU v15.1 Now Supports HP’s One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) Tape Drive Capability

“Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. is the first Linux backup
solution provider to provide support for Hewlett-Packard Company’s
One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) tape drive capability. Now PC
systems can be totally restored from tape, a capability previously
only available on mainframe-class systems!”

The integrated solution of BRU(TM) Backup & Restore
Utility v15.1 for Linux shipping with CRU for Linux 2.0 (Crash
Recovery Utility) provides the proven reliability of BRU’s
data-verified backups with the easiest and most elegant crash
recovery capability in the industry.

“System recovery following a catastrophic outage previously
required the re-installation of the operating system and
re-configuration of device drivers before restoring from the backup
media. OBDR allows the HP tape drive to emulate a bootable device
during a system reboot by simply pressing the drive’s eject button
while power cycling the device.”

Press Release