PRNewswire: Enhanced Software Technologies’ CRU for Linux Exemplifies Success of Open Source Model

“Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) has released its
CRU for Linux (Crash Recovery Utility) for public consumption. The
free utility is released under the QPL open source license and is
an EST initiative that has benefited from the support of Linux
developers around the world.”

“CRU for Linux eliminates the hurdles associated with the
recovery of a Linux system following a catastrophic outage.
Traditionally, recovery meant manually re-loading the operating
system and re-configuring device drivers, restoring the remaining
system data, and crossing one’s fingers.”

“”BRU was the first commercial backup solution for Linux and
we’ve been most fortunate in the way our products have been
embraced,” said Ted Cook, president and CEO of EST. “We continually
look for ways to give back to the Linux community and contributing
technical content for the advancement of both Linux and the open
source software movement is part of our business activity. In
addition to the CRU project, our engineers have donated expertise
to enhance the operability of tape devices under Linux as well as
many other open source projects.””

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