PRNewswire: Golden Sky Ventures International Inc. – Linux Expo

“iNsu Innovations Inc., a subsidiary of Golden Sky Ventures
International Inc., is pleased to introduce iNdiskless/schools at
the Linux Expo in Montreal, taking place from April 10th to the

“The unique Kit unifies entire networks, through X-Terminals
providing low-cost Internet access.
iNsu offers specially
designed Linux servers providing four basic functions:

– “Supports very low-cost X-Terminals
– “Acts as a file/application server for various platforms (Linux,
Mac and Windows)
– “Acts as a print server for various platforms (Linux, Mac and
– “Integrates seamlessly with other DHCP servers

“As of April 11, 2000 the Kit will be available as an initial
developer’s release, under the GPL license…”

Press release