PRNewswire: Google Deploys VMware Software

“VMware, Inc. today announced that Google, Inc., one of the
fastest growing search destination sites on the World Wide Web, has
decided to deploy VMware software to develop for multi-platform
environments and to access applications on multiple operating

“VMware’s desktop software… enables a single computer to
run multiple operating systems concurrently…”

“… Google’s team needs to develop and test its Web site across
a wide range of platforms and browsers…”

“Before deploying VMware’s software, Google developers had to
use a bank of test computers, each dedicated to running a specific
operating system and browser combination. Google then installed
VMware and configured virtual machines with the same operating
system and browser combinations as the bank of test computers had.
Since multiple virtual machines can run on one machine, Google
developers were able to perform the same tests as before without
ever having to leave their desks.”

“Google also uses VMware to access both the Linux and Windows
applications they need. According to Google co-founder and
president, Sergey Brin, “Working at a hot Internet start-up today,
access to both Linux and Windows is a must, since there are
hundreds of great applications and tools for both. VMware lets me
use both Windows and Linux on one computer at the same time.””

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