PRNewswire: Hummingbird Announces…First Enterprise Information Portal for…Linux

“Hummingbird Communications…a world-leading enterprise
software company, today announced the first enterprise information
portal for the Linux environment. Building on core Hummingbird
technologies, the Hummingbird EIP provides a single point of access
to all business-critical information and resources including
structured and unstructured enterprise data. Beyond access, the
Hummingbird EIP works by connecting users to content in context,
enabling them to quickly process, filter, and act upon information
from any enterprise source.”

“We are very pleased to be the first software company to offer
an enterprise information portal for the Linux operating system,
greatly enhancing our already strong commitment to the fastest
growing server platform,” said Barry Litwin, president of
Hummingbird. “We believe Linux will be the platform of choice for
many enterprise information portal implementations, both for
corporate intranets and in the burgeoning Application Service
Provider (ASP) space, a key market accelerator for e-business.”

“Our research indicates that open-source UNIX – both Linux and
BSD – will grow between 100% and 500% as an enterprise server
platform over the next two years, with Linux taking the lion’s
share,” said Peter J. Auditore, president of syndicated services at
Survey.com. “Hummingbird is in a great position to leverage the
burgeoning Linux server market by delivering a business-critical
application such as Hummingbird EIP on Linux. With the release of
EIP for Linux, Hummingbird is helping to validate Linux as an
e-business server platform.

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