PRNewswire: Merinta Ships Software and Services for Internet Appliance Network and Virgin

“iBrow(TM) Solution Delivered for Webplayer(TM) Net
Appliance Highlights First Media-Rich, Full-Featured Browser
Running on the Linux Operating System”

“Merinta, Inc., a subsidiary of Boundless Corporation (Amex:
BND), announced today that its first customer, Internet Appliance
Network (IAN) began rollout of the first 10,000 Webplayer(TM)
Internet Appliances this week. Merinta’s iBrow(TM) Solution of
software and services empowers the IAN appliances, which have been
dubbed Webplayer(TM) and will be supplied to Virginconnect(TM),
Virgin Entertainment’s online outlet. Merinta supplied IAN the
software for the devices, coordinated the design selection and
manufacturing, and will manage the devices’ remote management

“The Webplayer(TM) by Virginconnect(TM) is based on Merinta’s
iBrow(TM) Solution Internet Appliance software suite. “The
iBrow(TM)’s flexible java- based platform is both extremely robust
and highly customizable, making it an excellent delivery vehicle
for companies like IAN, who help to deploy appliances for branded
companies with their own look and feel,” said Merinta Chief
Technical Officer Kenneth East. “Although the iBrow(TM) platform
runs on many operating systems and processor architectures, IAN
chose to deploy the Webplayer(TM) on Merinta’s highly optimized,
embedded Linux due to the extreme flexibility, compatibility and
stability it offers.””

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