PRNewswire: Merinta’s Software and Services Support First 100% Broadband… Internet Appliance

“Merinta, Inc., a subsidiary of Boundless Corporation (Amex:
BND), announced the broadband capabilities details of its iBrow(TM)
Solution, an end-to-end software platform that powers media rich
Internet Appliances (IAs).”

“VelocityHSI — a division of BRE Properties, Inc. (NYSE: BRE),
which BRE plans to spin off as a publicly traded company-plans to
provide broadband- ready Internet Appliances, enabled by Merinta’s
iBrow(TM) Solution, to apartment residents in the future.”

“”Broadband will push the limits of most Internet Appliance
solutions and is becoming the preferred method of connectivity for
many businesses and homes,” said Merinta Chief Technical Officer
Kenneth East. “Since Merinta’s iBrow(TM) Solution software is
Java-based, flexible, and runs on top of the Linux operating
system, a wide variety of connectivity options can be supported by
us, whether it’s dial-up, DSL, cable modem or Ethernet.””

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