PRNewswire: Merlin Software Announces HotWire FAX for Linux

“Merlin Software Technologies Inc.(TM), a leading provider of
Linux and Unix based software applications, announced today the
Alpha release of HotWire FAX, a multi-line Linux-based desktop fax
client and server program that’s faster and easier to use than
other fax tools. The Alpha version is developed for Linux with the
intent that the full commercial product will work with Unix,
Windows and MAC clients. HotWire FAX provides faxing, user group
management, forwarding and custom viewing.”

“HotWire FAX is faster and more user friendly that competing fax
products. New features include quick fax creation and multiple
custom cover sheets. HotWire FAX can draw document images quickly
on to the computer screen or for printing. Received documents may
be edited or forwarded and the program can be configured to print
incoming faxes selectively on a per sender basis to minimize waste.
HotWire FAX also permits incoming fax and data connections on the
same modem line.”

HotWire FAX is available immediately as a free download,
with on-line help, from Merlin Software Technologies.

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