PRNewswire: Microsoft Acquires Softway Systems

“… to Strengthen Future Customer Interoperability

“Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) today announced that it has
acquired the assets of Softway Systems Inc., a San Francisco-based,
privately held maker of Interix products for interoperability
between UNIX- and Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) operating system-based

“Corporations, government institutions and other customers will
benefit from this acquisition through future expanded and
integrated tools and utilities, via products such as Microsoft
Services for UNIX, which provide interoperability between UNIX- and
Windows(R) operating system-based systems.
This acquisition
means customers can more easily benefit from the lower TCO and
easier manageability of Windows-based systems while using their
existing UNIX-based infrastructure.”

“Interix products, a comprehensive suite of utilities and
developer tools for UNIX, allow developers to port UNIX-based
scripts and applications to the Windows NT platform with minimal
changes while they migrate their code to run natively on

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