PRNewswire: Netgem Brings Internet on TV to Ireland

“Netgem, developer and provider of technology solutions for
Internet access via TV, has signed a major agreement with Internet
Ireland, a member of the Independent News & Media Group,
furnishing Netgem’s technology solution, the netbox, for the launch
of its new portal UNISON.”

“UNISON provides free internet access, free e-mail, and on-line
shopping, bringing together the content and advertising partners of
40 of Ireland’s leading national and regional newspapers, creating
the largest online source for Irish news and information in the

“With over 10,000 netboxes being distributed free nationwide to
promote the project, and an additional 20,000 being shipped,
Netgem’s technology solution is the key to UNISON’s biggest-ever
launch of an Irish ISP portal site, opening Internet for Everyone
in Ireland.”

“Netgem is Europe’s leading developer and provider of
comprehensive solutions offering Internet services through
television. The Netgem Solution enables businesses and communities
to build strong one-to-one Web-based relationships with their
customers and members by providing a simple access to online
services. Our cost-effective solution is designed to enable
everyone with a television set to access the Internet and
participate in the Internet revolution. Netgem’s technology
operates on a Linux-based open software platform and a thin-client
access device.
Netgem began offering its Internet Solution
commercially in 1998. Our current clients are located primarily in
Western Europe and include telecom operators, ISP’s, banks,
Internet portals, media companies and communities.”

Press release