PRNewswire: Rackspace.com & iWeb Team to Offer ASP Package of Search Engine Software & Server

“Rackspace.com, a leader in outsourced Internet servers and CCS
Network, parent company of iWeb, Inc., a noted search engine
software company, today announced a joint marketing agreement to
bundle iWeb’s Hyperseek search engine software with a Rackspace.com
dedicated Internet server. This Application Service Provider
package offers server infrastructure and search engine software as
a foundation to build a fully- functional e-commerce site.”

“Customers have a choice of four pre-configured Rackspace.com
servers. Customers who buy the package will have the software
installed on a pre- configured server, but will be able to select
memory, drive space and processor capacity.”

Server options range from a single 450 Mhz processor with
128MB RAM and a 4.3GB EIDE disk to 450 Mhz, 550 Mhz and 700 Mhz
dual processors with up to 512MB RAM and a 9GB SCSI Disk. All come
with the RedHat Linux 6.0 operating system, 10GB of storage and a
single IP address.

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