PRNewswire: Timpanogas Research Group Announces Open Source…NDS-Compliant Directory on…Linux

“Today, Timpanogas Research Group…announces development plans
for an Open Source version of the first world-class directory on
the Windows NT-based and Linux operating systems. Code-named Thor,
this directory will bring the superior performance and
management capabilities of Novell’s NDS to Windows NT, Windows 2000
and Linux.

“Scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2000, Thor is
designed to dramatically increase the viability of Windows NT,
Windows 2000 and Linux as competitive enterprise solutions.
Additionally, Thor on Windows 2000 will help to eliminate problems
between the non-compatible directories on that platform and
NetWare. According to Jeff Merkey, CEO of Timpanogas Research
Group, “Novell has spent years laying the foundation for acceptance
of and demand for a true enterprise directory. Though not the first
directory to have ever been released, NDS is certainly the current
world leader in functionality, ease of management and
extensibility. Our goal is to ensure that Novell’s preeminence in
this area is recognized by and made accessible for the Microsoft
and Linux communities.”

“Because of the full wire compatibility between Thor and NDS,
any application developed for one platform can now run on the
other,” states Carley Brennan, EVP of Marketing for Timpanogas
Research Group. “This compatibility will immediately increase the
number of applications that NetWare, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and
Linux can run. It will also make it easier for developers on one
platform to port their applications to the other.”

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