PRNewswire: Transmeta Breaks the Silence, Unveils Smart Processor to Revolutionize…Computing

“Transmeta Corporation today ended four and a half years of
secrecy with the introduction of Crusoe(TM), the world’s first
family of smart microprocessors. Designed to create a new category
of Mobile Internet Computers, the Crusoe processor family
(www.crusoe.com) is based on a breakthrough software approach that
will revolutionize the field of mobile computing. Crusoe delivers
on the market’s need for “all day computing” with a PC compatible
solution that is unmatched in performance with low power….”

“Crusoe-based Internet devices such as Web pads and mobile
clients can take advantage of the Mobile Linux operating system to
create a robust yet economical machine that can handle all the
required Internet plug-in applications. Mobile Linux offers an
additional advantage in that it is an operating system that can be
stored in solid state Flash ROM thus removing the need for an
expensive hard disk drive.

“Cellular phones became more pervasive when they were made
smaller and provided greater battery life,” said Dave Ditzel,
Transmeta’s CEO. “We believe that Crusoe will bring about a change
of similar magnitude in Mobile Internet Computers.”

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