PRNewswire: VA Linux…Unveils SourceForge(TM), an…ASP…For Open Source Projects

“VA Linux Systems…a leading provider of comprehensive
Linux-based solutions, today introduced SourceForge — a major Open
Source initiative that now provides over 700 open source
development projects with extensive hosting and communication
resources. The services are available at no cost to open source

“The term “open source” applies to software that can be copied,
modified and distributed without any fee and with few restrictions.
Popular open source software, such as the Linux(R) operating
system, is continuously maintained and improved by large
communities of developers who share information, code and
suggestions. The freedom to examine, modify and re-use source code
helps to enhance the quality of open source software and accelerate
the rate of development. SourceForge provides the tools and
resources open source developers need to develop and maintain
software in an Internet-based collaborative environment that
provides access to projects and their histories.”

On SourceForge, developers can realize the best of both
worlds: the quality and flexibility of open source software
development and the extensive resources available through a well
staffed, responsive application service provider
,” said Dr.
Larry M. Augustin, president and CEO of VA Linux Systems.
“SourceForge represents a dramatic departure from the traditional
practices of proprietary software vendors, empowering software
developers and users to work together to create their own

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