PRNewswire: Visio Announces Source Code Collaboration Initiative for IntelliCAD Technology

“Visio Corp… announced it has formed an independent
organization called the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) to
collaborate openly with other vendors in the future development of
IntelliCAD(R), Visio’s Autodesk AutoCAD-compatible technology.”

“The consortium will also provide a free license to members of
the public for noncommercial use and modification of the IntelliCAD
source code.”

“With the formation of the ITC, we’ve given our partners what
they have most asked us for — access to the IntelliCAD source
code….” Membership in the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is
open to all companies, organizations and individuals.”

“The open source movement, as evidenced by Linux and Apache, has
proven that it can produce high-quality software at a very quick
pace… Through this first step toward an open source model for
IntelliCAD, Visio has enabled developers to build on the industry’s
best AutoCAD-compatible engine,
which means that the user
benefits from a greatly enhanced price-to-performance ratio.”

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