PRNewswire: Xin Net Corp. Announces Subscriber Base Reaches 100,000

“Xinnet (OTC Bulletin Board: XNET) is pleased to announce that
its client base has reached a milestone of 100,000 subscribers.
Started as a pure Internet Service Provider in the spring of 1997,
Xinnet has enjoyed steady increases of its subscribers over the
past 3 years. Xinnet also expects the popularity of its ChinaDNS
Domain Name Registration service to continue since its introduction
in mid-1999.”

“Furthermore, Xinnet is also pleased to announce that it has
converted its existing e-Commerce platforms to the Linux operating
Management recognizes that Linux is the system of
choice for e-Commerce and has invested substantial time and effort
in the conversion. The decision aims at achieving two goals: (1) to
have a Linux as well as an NT platform, and (2) to develop in-house
Linux expertise. Xinnet is now confident that it has all the
necessary software and Linux team to operate the company’s

“Xinnet provides Internet access and content
(www.xinnet.com.cn), online domain name registration, website
hosting, design & management (www.ChinaDNS.com) and online
auction (www.xinbid.com). It currently operates in Beijing,
Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang and has ISP licenses for six (6)
other Chinese cities. Its subscriber base has reached 100,000
including domain name registrants.”

Press Release