Problems Linux Enthusiasts Refuse to Address

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“But what I find frustrating about the entire process is that
nearly all of the Linux distributions targeting new users don’t
bother to explain the challenges that exist with using “made for
Windows” hardware combined with their distro. Sure, for you and I
it’s a snap. For a new Linux user, however, this is not clearly
spelled out. Often, selecting video or wireless chipsets can
provide hours of unneeded frustration.

“Distro developers have done their jobs well. So have those who
are working to promote their distributions throughout the various
channels, for the most part. But where I see the ball being dropped
early on is with clear guidelines as to what new users should

“I’m sorry, but I think in 2011 we have outgrown statements like
‘it’s not Windows’ and ‘visit the forums for help.’ Providing a
simple notice on the distribution websites indicating that
self-installation is to be an ‘as is’ type of deal, would provide
some much needed reprieve for newbies everywhere.”