Product release of the MIMER DBMS for Linux

Sysdeco Mimer offers full support.

Sysdeco Mimer AB in Uppsala, Sweden, has now released its DBMS
MIMER for Linux. A complete developer version of MIMER 8 for Linux
is now available for free download from the company’s Web site at
www.mimer.com. Full support
agreements are available for MIMER 8 on Linux.

Since November ’98 a beta-version of the relational database
management system MIMER for Linux has been available for download
from the Sysdeco Mimer Web site. The final product release, which
is a complete developer version, is now available for free download
from www.mimer.com.

“Since the beta-version was released, the interest in MIMER for
Linux has been phenomenal. This demonstrates that, all over the
world, there is a tremendous need for a powerful database
management system in the Linux marketplace. When combined with full
software support, MIMER-based applications for Linux can be
securely put into production at a very low cost “, says Stefan Eck,
Marketing Manager at Sysdeco Mimer AB.

The release of MIMER for Linux is identical to that implemented
across a wide range of platforms, including many other UNIX
platforms (e.g. IBM, HP and Sun), Windows NT, Windows 95/98 and
OpenVMS. In addition to offering MIMER 8 run-time licences for
Linux on very competitive terms, Sysdeo Mimer also offers Linux
customers the opportunity to sign a support agreement, which
provides telephone support and free software updates.

“We see our implementation of MIMER under Linux as an important
step in our positioning of MIMER as a ‘black-box’ database which is
ideally suited as an embedded DBMS in all kinds of applications”,
says Stefan Eck. “By providing a developer licence of MIMER for
Linux free of charge, we can offer all Linux developers access to
an easy to use, scaleable and efficient DBMS, that complies to the
SQL standards. As we consider Linux to be a significant production
platform, we have utilised the operating system’s potential to
provide the best possible performance and scalability”, continues
Stefan Eck.

Sysdeco Mimer AB develops, markets and supports the database
management system MIMER. Sysdeco Mimer AB is part of Sysdeco ASA,
an international group of companies which specialise in providing
software development tools to produce complex mission-critical

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Eck, Marketing Manager, Sysdeco Mimer AB
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