Qt apps on Ubuntu

“As part of our planning for Natty+1, we’ll need to find some
space on the CD for Qt libraries, and we will evaluate applications
developed with Qt for inclusion on the CD and default install of

“Ease of use, and effective integration, are key values in our
user experience. We care that the applications we choose are
harmonious with one another and the system as a whole.
Historically, that has meant that we’ve given very strong
preference to applications written using Gtk, because a certain
amount of harmony comes by default from the use of the same
developer toolkit. That said, with OpenOffice and Firefox having
been there from the start, Gtk is clearly not an absolute
requirement. What I’m arguing now is that it’s the values which are
important, and the toolkit is only a means to that end. We should
evaluate apps on the basis of how well they meet the requirement,
not prejudice them on the basis of technical choices made by the

“In evaluating an app for the Ubuntu default install, we should

* is it free software?
* is it best-in-class?
* does it integrate with the system settings and preferences?
* does it integrate with other applications?
* is it accessible to people who cannot use a mouse, or
* does it look and feel consistent with the rest of the


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