Quicknet.net: Quicknet Releases Internet Telephony Drivers GPL!

[ Greg Herlein of
Quicknet writes: ]

Quicknet Technologies,
has released Linux device drivers for their telephony card
products under the GNU Public License (GPL). The drivers are
available on Quicknet’s developer page
and Alan Cox has included them as part of his kernel pre-releases
as of 2.2.14pre15 and later. Alan and Quicknet have created a new
“telephony” category of device driver and Quicknet is spearheading
an effort to create a single, consistent API for Internet Telephony
under Linux.

Quicknet has both PSTN and POTS interface cards suitable for a
wide range of Internet Telephony and general-purpose telephony use.
These low cost, single port cards already have a large linux
following, and open source projects already have working programs
that provide full internet phone calls to be made and received –
including compatability with Microsoft NetMeeting(tm) and other
popular Internet Phone software (such as Speak Freely). A port of
GPhone is underway, and Quicknet is sponsoring The OpenPhone Project to facilitate
new Internet Telephony developmnet.

The Linux drivers already support the Internet LineJACK, the
Internet PhoneJACK and PhoneJACK-PCI, and within a week will
support Quicknet’s latest product: the PCMCIA version we call the
Internet PhoneCARD.

Quicknet is also hiring Linux programmers, database folk, and
system/network administrators. We’re committed to Linux, and are
looking for dedicated Linux people to join us!”

The Open Source Linux Drivers may be found here.

The Linux Software Development Kit SDK may be found here.