Rebel Inheritance: The Best About Launcher Menus (Part 3)

[ Thanks to Anditosan for this link.

“This is the third part of the series of articles that
analyse the possibilities of start menus and new ideas to do for
the openSUSE project. We got ourselves to a good start compiling a
series of expressions of launcher menus across different platforms.
It was then the opportunity of talking about the negative aspects
of launcher menus and now it’s my privilege to discuss the positive
aspects of them. My last article of these series, I will be
gathering all this information and coming up with a couple of ideas
for a new launcher menu.

“One important aspect of what launcher menus have is the fact
that they actually exist. this idea might sound a little abstract
and dull. But in coming up with this positive aspect, I thought of
how I would be launching applications if I did not have launcher
menus. There might be other ways to launch programs. However, they
simply look very non-transparent.

“Other ideas invented along the road deal with folders where all
the applications are placed, others are a bunch of icons sitting on
the desktop. In the end they just seem more complicated and desktop

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