Red Hat helps community project incubate technologies

“The stated mission of the Fedora Project is to advance the
state of free software. To meet this challenge, Fedora incubates
open source technology projects in which anyone in the community
can participate. To support this participation, Fedora offers a
feature process to alert contributors to new technology, connect
them to community test days where they can try out the feature and
report issues, and track progress of the technology into the latest

“Putting technology in front of a wide audience quickly is part
of the open source model, as seen in the “release early, release
often” mantra popular among open source developers. Participation
results in more feedback about feature functionality, and more
opportunities for developers to continually improve code.

“Red Hat participates in this process as part of the Fedora
community, and its contributions to Fedora help enhance the
technology selected by Fedora’s substantial user and contributor
base. Fedora helps Red Hat meet a goal of more scalable,
extensible, and interoperable Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is
derived from Fedora.”

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