Red Hat includes KDE and GNOME in the latest version of “Raw Hide”

Raw Hide is Red Hat’s method of openly beta testing rough-cuts
of Red Hat Linux distributions.

On ftp://rawhide.redhat.com, you will
find that the latest version includes KDE-1.1 and the latest
snapshot of the GNOME desktop.

Dr. Michael Fulbright, Head of Development and the Director of
Operations at RHAD Labs, says:

As you probably noticed, GNOME is also included in this Raw Hide
release. GNOME is also in a freeze in preparation for the 1.0
release, so it is being integrated into the Red Hat

Red Hat has previously stated its committment to the GNOME
project, and it continues to fund the RHAD Labs to help the GNOME
project. There have been no changes in Red Hat’s future plans for
its desktop of choice. We continue to ask developers to consider
the GTK+ toolkit as the Free Software solution.