Red Hat OpenShifts Into the Cloud

“OpenShift is a platform comprising Linux, the OpenShift
software and services, and a cloud backend for developing,
deploying, and managing cloud applications. Write your fine code on
your own computer, push it to OpenShift, and it does the heavy
lifting of compiling and deploying your application.

You don’t have to worry about databases and application servers,
or building and maintaining an application stack, or figuring out
how to scale out your applications. Just code, git push and go. It
supports multiple languages, frameworks, databases, middleware, and
multiple cloud hosting providers. Currently the only provider
available is Amazon Web Services (AWS), but someday users will have
multiple choices of Red Hat-certified providers. It’s all built on
free/open source software, except the OpenShift code, which Red Hat
promises will be opened sometime in the future.

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