Red Herring: Mr. McNealy gets starry-eyed

Scott McNealy was in top form Tuesday as he explained and
defended the logic of Sun Microsystems’s…latest network computing

“”You’re going to see a pretty major transition in technology as
what used to be industries are becoming features,” Mr. McNealy
predicted. “Mail used to be an industry — remember…Exchange? It
got blown away by Hotmail. It’s free. The great thing about free
mail is that you don’t have to pay for it. And it’s outsourced. You
don’t want mail on your PC, you run it out over the network from
your browser.”

“That’s the model we’re moving to … and it seems brain-dead
obvious, yet it took one very bright German with a 15-year mission
to finally get us to the point where we’ve got free
network-available, object-oriented, compatible productivity tools
available to anybody, anyplace, anywhere, anytime,” Mr. McNealy
said, referring to Star Division’s founder Marco Boerries, who will
stay on at Sun with the title of vice president and general manager
of Webtop and application software.”

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