Red Herring: Transmeta comes into focus

Only a select few know exactly what chip developer
Transmeta is developing. That’s why Monday’s Comdex keynote is one
of the most anticipated in recent memory. Pundits predict Linus
Torvalds, Linux operating system creator and Transmeta software
engineer, will let the cat out of the bag….

“Transmeta already has given strong signs of what it’s working
on, based on filings with the U.S. Patent Office. The company was
granted four patents from November 3, 1998, to September 28,

“Transmeta, with major manufacturing partners, plans to make a
microprocessor that’s less expensive and easier to manufacture than
PC chips on the market today. Given the information in the patent
filings, Transmeta’s software is expected to allow microprocessors
to run any computing operating system — from Windows to Linux to
the Palm OS.”

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