Reflections | Projections 1999

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“Basic information about Reflections|Projections 1999:

“This year from Friday, October 8 to Sunday, October 10, ACM
will be holding its fifth annual Midwest student computing
conference, Reflections | Projections. Reflections | Projections
offers students from all over the Midwest a chance to interact with
computer industry professionals and peek into the future of
computing. In past years such noteworthy speakers as Steve Wozniak,
co-founder of Apple, and Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++, have
spoken at the conference.”

“This year conference once again is hosting many great speakers.
This year’s keynote speaker is Larry Tesler. Tesler is the founder
of Stagecast Software, which makes interactive simulation software.
Previously, he was the Vice President of Internet Platforms at
Apple Computer. At Apple he made significant contributions to the
OpenDoc Object Model, Applescript, the Newton, along with a number
of other major products. Previous to his time at Apple, Tesler was
a researcher at the Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, where he and
his fellow researchers set the stage for a large amount of what is
now modern computing. In addition to Tesler’s keynote address,
several other extremely noteworthy speakers will be attending the
conference. Included amongst these speakers are Michael Abrash,
one of the original authors of Quake, Eric Allman, inventor of
Sendmail, Theo de Raadt, head of the OpenBSD project, Guido van
Rossum, creator of the Python programming language, Astro Tellar,
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert
and author
of the novel “Exegesis”, and many, many more. In addition to the
talks, there shall be several panels, a programming contest, and a
very large job fair to be held on Friday the 8th in the Illini

“For complete information about the conference, take a look at
Online registration is available there. The registration fee is
$15, which includes entrance to all conference events, meals for
the weekend, inclusion of your resume in the conference resume
book, and a t-shirt.”

Sponsored by Trilogy.

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