Release Digest: General, August 5, 2002

[ Thanks to Linux Audio, Miguel Freitas, and Golda Velez for these links.

Final Scratch

Harmony Central is reporting that Final Scratch, a system that allows DJs to mix MP3s using standard turntables,
finally ships

Final Scratch runs on Linux because it's great stability and low audio latency (with patched kernel). " Out on the road a DJ can now carry his entire system to a gig in a travel bag. One international DJ Dean Coleman says that Final Scratch allows him to transport some 500% more music than he could if he was physically carrying vinyl ... He is also excited by the performance enhancements of the latest Linux version, which will impact on the commercially available system when it is released later this summer. " The article links to a video where a DJ says "the system will run flawlessly and will not crash because it does not run on Windows, sorry Bill Gates .. I think Final Scratch will be to the DJ industry what ADAT was to MI years ago or even bigger " I guess this will be good publicity for Linux among the Pro Audio circles.

xine 0.9.13

The xine project team is proud to announce the release 0.9.13 from our free, gpl-licensed video player.

While the focus is again on stability and bugfixes, there are also important new features like initial support
for Quicktime6 files (including aac decoder), native playback of Windows Media Video 7 and new demuxers 
for wav/smjpeg/id cin.

Now, on users request, the default tarball includes 3 skins: xinetic, Cloudy and CelomaChrome. Others may be 
downloaded from xine homepage.

Changelog since version 0.9.12:

  * improved audio resampling for cards limited to 16 bits, stereo or mono
  * native wmv7 decoder using ffmpeg
  * enable ffmpeg's native msmpeg4 v1/v2 decoder
  * correct highlight placement for anamorphic and pan&scan menus with DXR3
  * half-way support for widescreen tv sets with DXR3
  * WAV file demuxer
  * SMJPEG file demuxer
  * Id CIN file demuxer
  * FLI file demuxer
  * FLI video decoder
  * Raw RGB video support
  * Raw YUV video support
  * Microsoft RLE decoder
  * AAC decoder (FAAD2 library)
  * Reworked ALSA audio support 
  * demux_qt improvements to handle .mp4
  * initial support of Quicktime6 files
  * image redraw in paused mode (for window resize, adjusts etc)
  * skip by chapters GUI enhancement
  * deliver frame statistics only if frames have been skipped/dropped

xine homepage:

Webglimpse 2.5.1

announces new simplified search form – version 2.5.1.

latest release 2.5.1 now has a simplified search form that builds
boolean queries automatically; it has more customization
capabilities, an option to print results as ‘sentences’ rather than
lines, and a ‘smarter’ install for non-root users.

Download Webglimpse for 30-day free trial at http://webglimpse.net/download.html.

Platforms: Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, freeBSD, AIX, IRIX,
OSF, Mach, Rhapsody (Mac OS X). Free for non-commercial

Webglimpse also welcomes Developers, Testers
& DocWriters
, contact Golda Velez at gvelez@webglimpse.net for more

is a fast, feature-rich search engine for finding information in a
related web of pages. Index your own site or any collection of
remote sites you choose. You can add extensions for PDF, Word and
Excel documents; can index and output results in French, German,
Hebrew, Spanish and other languages. Flexible ranking rules,
customizable output format, caching of results,
subdirectory-specific searching, much more. Scalable up to 100s of
Gb of data. Web & command line administration interfaces.

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