Release Digest: General, March 25, 2004

XPde 0.5

The Window Manager XPde has
just released version
of their desktop environment which features a complete code
rewrite and improved theme. The Desktop Environment strives to
clone the look and included applications of Microsoft Windows XP. A
screenshot of the new version can be seen here

mathStatica 1.5 for Linux

[ Thanks to Colin
for this link. ]

mathStatica 1.5 is now
shipping. The award winning mathStatica software is designed to
solve the algebraic/symbolic problems that are of primary interest
in mathematical statistics. It does so by building upon the
symbolic computational power of Mathematica to create a
sophisticated toolset specially designed for doing mathematical
statistics. In Version 1.5, the core components of mathStatica have
all been meticulously revised, updated, polished and optimised to
provide full support for Mathematica 5.

MagicDraw UML 7.5

[ Thanks to Saulius
for this link. ]

No Magic is pleased to announce the release of our new MagicDraw
UML Version 7.5

MagicDraw Version 7.5 is the first UML tool in the Industry with
embedded support for use case specifications. MagicDraw’s new
reporting functionality features RTF and PDF templates for SDD and
UCS (Software Design Document and Use Case Specification). This
feature shortens the requirements phase as it allows the analyst to
quickly produce comprehensive professional documentation, and
lowers documentation maintenance costs throughout the entire
project life-cycle.

Users of this latest version of MagicDraw now enjoy an overall
increase in performance of 100%. The MagicDraw Teamwork Server
Architecture is also improved in this latest release resulting in
significant performance increases for the Teamwork Server as

Version 7.5 also offers a free MagicDraw Community Edition for
class diagrams, allowing all developers to do unlimited class
diagram design with MagicDraw – whether they have purchased the
tool or not.

What’s New in version 7.5

  • Performance increase up to 100% in MagicDraw’s client and
    Teamwork Server.
  • New reporting mechanism. RTF and PDF templates for SDD and UCS
    (Software Design Document and Use Case Specification).
  • XMI 1.2 support. Save, load, import, and export using the XMI
    1.2 file format. XMI 1.1 and XMI 1.0 save, load and import are also
  • Easy MagicDraw installation for Mac OS X (10.3 or above).
    Download MagicDraw Mac OS X Disk Image file, mount it, and install
    MagicDraw by dropping launcher to the Applications folder (or
    somewhere else).
  • Custom diagrams and custom diagram element styles for UML
  • Better UML profiling and extending abilities.
  • Easier migration to the new version releases. After an
    auto-update, your previous program settings are retained. In
    addition, auto-update is available for floating licenses and
    teamwork servers.
  • Ability to specify use case properties as defined by RUP. Ready
    to use UCS can be produced from MagicDraw models.
  • Stamp on printouts and diagram window indicating user name,
    company, and other properties.
  • New GUI library – JIDE allows better management of browser
    windows and other graphical controls.
  • Floating License checkout. No longer a need for a constant
    connection to the Floating Server, just check out a floating
    license and hit the road.
  • UML profiles for Struts Framework, Use Case Description, C#,
    Schedulability, Performance and Time Specification.
  • And more. To see all new features go to www.magicdraw.com

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