Release Digest: GNOME, October 17, 2004

GHex 2.8.1

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth!”

A quick follow-up to the still warm 2.8.0: I have fixed a build
bug that might have, under very special circumstances, caused an
incompatible version of dependencies (like glib or gtk) to be
pulled in the build, and a bug in the converter that caused only
one byte of hex to be displayed.

In the meantime, Adam, Takeshi, David, Miloslav and Tino have
updated en_CA, ja, en_GB, cs and nl translations.

At your disposal at

have fun,


email: [email protected]
w3: http://fish.homeunix.org/people/jaka

libxklavier 1.10

Hi all

As a start of new libxklavier development series. I announce the
version 1.10 of the X keyboard utility library. This version
contains improved architecture of the configuration process – not
the entire configuration compilation process is performed on the
client side, so X server gets absolutely prepared X configuration –
this allows to eliminate problems where X server and X client have
different configuration bases.

The API and ABI were changed – so users of GNOME 2.8.x are not
supposed to use this version – they are recommended to stick to the
stable series 1.0x of the library. In contrast, anyone using
gnome-control-center and gnome-applets from CVS HEAD (and versions
2.9.x, when they are released) – have to upgrade.

Some minor bugfixes/tweaks were made as well.



Goobox 0.1.0


this is the announcement of the first public version of

Goobox is a CD player and ripper for the Gnome Desktop
environment, it uses gstreamer to play and rip CDs and cddb-slave2
(distributed with gnome-media) to get and edit CD metadata such as
track titles and album name.

The dependencies are:
gtk+ 2.4.x
libgnome[ui] 2.6.x
libbonobo 2.6.x
gnome-vfs 2.6.0
libglade 2.4.x
gstreamer 0.8.x
gnome-media 2.8.x

gstreamer plugins:
cdparanoia: used to play CDs
vorbisenc, flacenc, lame, wavenc: at least one of this to rip

You can download it from here:

(There is no Home Page)

I hope you like it,