Release Digest: GNU, April 1, 2004

GNU OrgaDoc 0.8

OrgaDoc has been designed to easily copy and maitain a pool of
documents between computers. You can synchronise your documents
pool with rsync or unison. You don’t need to install a database
server (like MySql or PostgreSql), a HTTP server, a script language
(like php, perl, …). You only need orgadoc to generate html pages
and to perform queries.

You can find the new release here:


Here are the md5 sums:
bcd2465d17fbfc724bbf77c926f8560f orgadoc-0.8.tar.gz
be5e35fc4dad3720c37d275779d0592a orgadoc-0.8.tar.gz.sig

Julien Lemoine

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