Release Digest: GNU, October 17, 2004

Findutils 4.1.20

Release 4.1.20 of GNU findutils has been available for quite
some time now, initially on alpha.gnu.org/. However, it has not been
available on ftp.gnu.org/. This
was initially because I had at that point just taken over as
maintainer, and wanted to do an initial release to make sure I got
all the processes right. Later there was a change to the FTP upload

Anyway, I have now uploaded findutils 4.1.20 to the GNU FTP
site, and so the 4.1.20 release is available at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/findutils.

More information about findutils is available at http://www.gnu.org/software/findutils/.

Bugs in GNU findutils should be reported to the findutils bug
tracker at http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?group=findutils.
General discussion of findutils takes place on the bug-findutils
mailing list. To join the ‘bug-findutils’ mailing list, send email
to <[email protected]>.

James Youngman <[email protected]>
GNU findutils maintainer


I’m happy to announce the release of GNU CSSC, version 1.00.
This is the first public full release of CSSC. CSSC has spent a
long time in beta testing. This is because it is a version control
system and has undergone a great deal of testing; nobody wants a
buggy version control system.

CSSC (“Compatibly Stupid Source Control”) is the GNU project’s
replacement for the traditional Unix SCCS suite. It aims for full
compatibility, including precise nuances of behaviour, support for
all command-line options, and in most cases bug-for-bug
compatibility. CSSC comes with an extensive automated test

If you are currently using SCCS to do version control of
software, you should be able to just drop in CSSC, even for example
if you have a large number of shell scripts which are layered on
top of SCCS and depend on it. This should allow you to develop on
and for the GNU/Linux platform if your source code exists only in
an SCCS repository. CSSC also allows you to migrate to a more
modern version control system (such as CVS, perhaps).

You can download GNU CSSC from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/cssc.

There is a mailing list for users of the CSSC suite. To join it,
please send email to <[email protected]>
or visit the URL

In the file docs/CREDITS within the CSSC distribution, there is
a full list of people who have contributed to the development of
CSSC. They are listed briefly here :-

James Youngman, Ross Ridge, Eric Allman, Lars Hecking, Larry
McVoy, Dave Bodenstab, Malcolm Boff, Richard Polton, Fila Kolodny,
Peter Kjellerstedt, John Interrante, Marko Rauhamaa, Achim Hoffann,
Dick Streefland, Greg A. Woods, Aron Griffis, Michael Sterrett,
William W. Austin, Hyman Rosen, Mark Reynolds, Sergey Ostashenko,
Frank van Maarseveen, Jeff Sheinberg, Thomas Duffy, Yann Dirson

Many thanks to all the above people.

The MD5 checksum for the release file is :

7cba27f03f07ee9d0fb513aea3b8e3e6 CSSC-1.00.tar.gz

Please report any bugs via this software to the CSSC bug
reporting page,


GIMP 2.1.7


a new development snapshot of GIMP 2.1 is now available from ftp
ftp.gimp.org and it’s


This is not yet the awaited pre-release since we haven’t yet
sorted out the last changes we will need to do. We are however
feature and string frozen now. Or at least we will try to keep
string changes and new features to a minimum so that we can get out
the first pre-release for 2.2 out by the end of this month.

Please note that you cannot install gimp-2.1 side-by-side with
gimp-2.0 into the same prefix. A number of files will clash, so
please use a separate prefix to install this development version!
For details, please read the file INSTALL.

Please help us to get 2.2 out soon by testing this release.
Please also have a look at the documentation files we distribute
with the tarball, read the man-pages and let us know what needs
updating for 2.2. We need your contributions to make 2.2 happen
soon and to make it a success.

Here’s an overview of the changes since 2.1.6 was released:

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.7

  • Added even more plug-in previews (Value Propagate, Cubism,
    Colorify) and ported existing previews to the new widgets
    (AlienMap2, FlareFX, Jigsaw, NL Filter, Waves, Scatter HSV).
  • More PDB API cleanups.
  • Allow to specify the batch interpreter on the
  • Improved selection-round script and moved it to the Select
  • Don’t switch the active layer when using the Move tool.
  • Updated libgimpthumb to support local thumbnails as introduced
    by version 0.7 of the thumbnail spec.
  • Automatically create thumbnails from the Open dialog.
  • Added entries next to most viewable buttons.
  • Added a bunch of scripts to manipulate guides.
  • Improved confirmation and warning dialogs.
  • Lots of bug fixes.


Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann, David Odin, Manish Singh, Kevin
Cozens, Alan Horkan, Jakub Steiner

Happy GIMPing, Sven