Release Digest: KDE, December 24, 2003

Rekall 2.2.0 Beta1

Rekall 2.2.0 Beta1 is now available. Following the current trend
of giving open source softwate releases cheesy names, this is the
“With More Development” release.

I would like to be able to claim that there are no bugs in this
release:) However, I am quite certain that some bugs are there to
be found, even if I am not sure of their location. I am confident
that users will be able to inspect this release of Rekall for such
bugs, and be able to report back on them.

The source tarball can be downloaded from:


Changes in this release are mostly aimed at getting it to build
cleanly on current and recent releases. It has been build on:

RH 7.3, 8, 9
MDK 9.0, 9.1, 9.2
SuSE 8.1, 8.2, 9.0

In each case the installation is essentially a “stock”
distribution with the necessary development packages installed.

See the file README.FIRST inside the tarball for details; this
is also available at http://www.rekallrevealed.org,

Content->Obtaining and Building->Obtaining and

This also contains the CVS information.

A merry christmas to all our readers, or, if you loathe and
detest it as much as I do, a minimally dire one.



THE GPL/Open Source database front end for Linux and

KBudget 0.6 RC1

KBudget 0.6 RC1 is now available for testing; it adds recurring
transactions, charts (requires KOffice 1.3 RC2 or better), 2 new
translations, and other improvements. Please email me with any
comments or complaints about it.

Packages are available at http://www.garandnet.net/kbudget/.

Full ChangeLog:

  • Made document saving and opening use UTF-8 by default
  • Added Spanish (R. Rodriguez) and Italian
    (bitmap-at-xlink-dot-it) translations
  • Made double click in transaction window open transaction
  • Fixed updating issues in transaction window
  • Moved to XML-based file format (the old file format can still
    be loaded)
  • Added recurring transactions
  • Added several different charts (requires KOffice 1.3 RC2 or
    better to be installed at compile time)
  • Allowed transaction from/to accounts to be changed in
    transaction editing dialog box
  • Fixed problem with undo/redo data in document loader

Richard Garand — http://www.garandnet.net

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