Release Digest: KDE, January 4, 2004

KSubtile 1.0


KSubtile 1.0 is just released! Check it out at http://ksubtile.sf.net

KSubtile is a program to synchronise subtitles with a movie. You
can also create subtitles with it. It also acts as a frontend to
MPlayer, to let you more easily synchronise subtitles with a

It features:

  • opening/saving different encodings
  • stretching, moving, editing, copy/cut/paste of subtitles
  • easy to use interface
  • interface to mplayer(audio and video output configurable
    through Settings)
  • importing of all by mplayer known subtitle formats
  • saving in SRT format

The changelog from 0.9 to 1.0 is:

  • Fix a bug in the stretching
  • Fix a bug in opening a file from the command line
  • Add support for different encodings
  • Fixed some typo’s in documentation

Have fun with it,

Any problems you can send to ksubtile-users@lists.sourceforge.net!


kfile_torrent v0.3

This application is a KFilePlugin to provide meta information
for BitTorrent files within Konqueror.

You can find it from http://grammarian.homelinux.net/torrent/

There are also some screenshots at that link. The link is to my
computer, so please don’t post it to Slashdot or whatnot. If
needed, I can set up a SourceForge project for general public
consumption, but it would be easier it this were simply eventually
incorporated into KDE, such as for 3.2.1, or maybe a BitTorrent KDE
client could use it. I will submit it to Bram Cohen (BT’s author)
as well, so he can either link to it or include it with his
Python-based distribution.

Please send me a reply if you find a bug, and I’ll correct it
(or apply your patch 😉 ASAP.


  • Michael Pyne

KDar 1.0-beta1

KDar is the KDE Disk archiver — a GUI-based data archiving and
backup utility based on Denis Corbin’s libdar.

Check out
for more info.

Release schedule: KDar 1.0 will be released around the end of
January 2004, about the same time as libdar 2.1.0 is released. We
need your help testing the beta release of KDar in the

For info on libdar, see Denis Corbin’s page at http://dar.sourceforge.net/


Johnathan K. Burchill, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Calgary

KBudget 0.6

The KBudget 0.6 stable release is now available; there have been
only minor changes since RC1, which added recurring transaction,
charts (requiring KOffice 1.3 RC2 or greater), and new
translations; problems with RC1 and KDE 3.1 have been fixed, so
KBudget no longer requires an unstable KDE release :).

Packages are available at http://www.garandnet.net/kbudget/.

Full ChangeLog:

  • Made document saving and opening use UTF-8 by default
  • Added Spanish (R. Rodriguez) and Italian
    (bitmap-at-xlink-dot-it) translations
  • Made double click on transaction window open transaction
  • Fixed updating issues in transaction window
  • Moved to XML-based file format (the old file format can still
    be loaded)
  • Added recurring transactions
  • Added several different charts (requires KOffice 1.3 RC2 or
    better to be installed at compile time)
  • Allowed transaction from/to accounts to be changed in
    transaction editing dialog box
  • Fixed problem with undo/redo data in document loader

Richard Garand — http://www.garandnet.net
“Really, I’m not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a
completely unintentional side effect” — Linus Torvalds

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