Release Digest: KDE, November 13, 2002

Summary The C++ GUI library upon which KDE is based.
Release Note The Qt version 3.1 series is binary compatible with the 3.0.x
series: applications compiled for 3.0 will continue to run with
3.1. Added Qt Script for Applications (a scripting engine, an IDE
for creating and editing scripts and script forms and bindings to
the Qt API); a Motif module (which replaces the Xt/Motif extension)
for migrating to Qt with hybrid applications comprised of both Qt
and Motif code; a toolbox for widgets (in place of the boolbars) in
Qt Designer; support for rich text in Qt Designer; WYSIWYG support
for QWidgetStack in Qt Designer; custom documentation set support
to Qt Assistant (which can now be used by applications as a help
browser); a full text search engine to Qt Assistant; a new format
(LogText) to QTextEdit (performance and memory optimized especially
designed for the fast display of large amounts of text, with
support for basic highlighting); a QSyntaxHighlig! ht! er class for
adding syntax highlighting capabilities to a QTextEdit; support for
prepared query execution and value binding to the SQL classes (this
enables writing large BLOBs to Oracle databases and Unicode strings
to SQL servers); global strut support to QTableItem (and
subclasses); support for binary datatypes to QTDSDriver; a new
command line tool conv2ui to convert dialog description files from
different file formats to .ui files; and an import filter for
.kdevdlg files to Qt Designer. Improved Qt Designer signal / slot
dialog, property editor and code editor; QAccel handling of
shortcut clashes (a new signal activatedAmbiguously() is emitted in
that case) and of multi-key sequences (e.g.,
Ctrl-X, Ctrl-F); the QHttp and QFtp
classes (greater flexibility); QClipboard data exchange; thread
support (almost all methods in the tools classes have been made
reentrant and QApplication::postEvent() and a few other methods are
now thread-safe! );! large file support (> 2GB); QDataTable to
enable colu! mn swapping; QDockWindow docking behavior; QLineEdit
(a lostFocus() signal and boundaries for clicking actions); and the
Qt Designer action editor (sortable actions).
KDE Version n.a.
Category Core
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8116
Design Recovery Tool
Summary A design recovery tool for interactive GUI applications.
Release Note Improved the prevalence computation code (this means that
demonstrations of instrumented applications are much more
interactive and loading / merging DRT XML files is typically over
10x faster).
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x) or Qt 2.0.x (KDE 2.0.x)
Category Development : Tools
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8115
Summary Yet another clone of the Lines game.
Release Note Initial public release.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Games : Board
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8114
Summary A keyboard layout indicator/switcher.
Release Note Added a per-window layout mode (i.e., configuring the keyboard
layout separately for each window); the ability to configure the
default layout; an XKeyboard “symbols” file for 3-language English
/ Russian / Ukrainian keyboard layout (also useful as a template
for other 3-language layouts); and a Russian translation.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Desktop : Utilities
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8113
Summary A panel applet to remind you of birthdays and anniversaries
listed in the KDE addressbook.
Release Note Maintenance release (gcc 3.x).
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Desktop : Services : Notifications
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8112
Summary A Go board and full-featured .SGF file editor.
Release Note Added CLIENT (with many new features); a rank field in game
negotiation dialog; exclude and watch lists; channel support; a
handicap for boards of size 7×7 – 25×25; a ‘mark’ (IGS) function
for teaching games; a start-up frame; user-definable buttons;
add-time and pause functions; an update button for syncing online
games to edit board; byoyomi time field and free/rated display;
pop-up menus; and langauges. Improved .SGF support; chat (talk
dialog) with tabs, etc.; and session management.
KDE Version Qt 2.3.x (KDE 2.1.x +)
Category Games : Board
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8111
Summary A tool which distributes compilation of C and C++ code across
several networked machines.
Release Note Major feature anhancements – please see the ChangeLog.
KDE Version n.a.
Category Development : Tools
More Info http://apps.kde.com/na/2/info/vid/8110

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