Respect OSI Authoritah! …Please?

“When Michael Tiemann, President of the Open Source Initiative
(OSI), rose up and smote the world-be open source vendors of the
world last week, I was initially very happy. I cannot tell you how
often I am in a briefing with someone and have rolled my eyes when
they tout their company’s product as ‘open source’ when it is so
clearly not.

“This is not just the CRM vendors, who seem to be bearing the
brunt of the blame for abusing the open source term. I get this
sort of thing from all sorts of vendors, particularly embedded
software firms…

“So, yes, I was pleased to hear the OSI would be cracking down
on the flagrant use of ‘open source’ in the marketplace. I only
have one problem: since OSI was the organization that let the
proliferation of licenses happen in the first place, I think their
efforts will be too little, too late…”


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