Reuters: Earnings optimism spurs gains in Corel stock

“Optimistic investors pushed up shares in Corel Corp. on Friday
on hopes the software developer will repeat history and beat
estimates for its upcoming third quarter.”

“The gains come in advance of Corel’s third-quarter
to be released after the market close on Monday.”

“I think everybody will be looking for an update on the
Linux business
— where they stand with their distribution
(operating system) as well as their applications.”

“The market has flocked to firms developing tools for the open
source operating system called Linux, which has an estimated 10
million users and is seen as a competitor to Microsoft Corp.’s
Windows NT. Corel is expected to launch an easy-to-use version of
the operating system in November.

“There’s good Linux fever going on today,” said Duncan Stewart,
fund manager at Tera Capital Corp. in Toronto. “It’s a good day on
the market and I think people are expecting good news on the Corel
reporting side.”

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