Reuters: Mexican programmer to start Linux-based software firm

“Miguel de Icaza, a Mexican programming whiz who helped make
Unix and the upstart Linux computer operating system easier to use
in a desktop environment called GNOME, has started a company to
develop more Linux-based software.”

“We are creating applications like Microsoft Office, for GNOME,”
the 26-year-old de Icaza said in a phone interview. “We have
investment. It’s exciting and I get to work on GNOME full time so
that’s even better.” The company will be based in the Cambridge,
Mass. area and is expected to have about 12 employees

“De Icaza and 300 plus developers have worked in their spare
time to develop GNOME, which is given away free over the Internet.
Now, the company he is founding with Linux programmer and
friend, Nat Friedman, will develop Linux applications, all of which
will be freely available.

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