Reuters: Microworkz, Freeserve in talks to market cheap PC

Thanks to Ross
for this link.

“Microworkz.com, a U.S. maker of low-cost computers, said the
company is in advanced talks to distribute its new $199 machine
through Freeserve, Britain’s largest Internet service

“Rick Latman, president and chief executive of the closely held
Seattle-based start-up, said a possible deal to sell its low-cost
iToaster PC through Freeserve could be inked within days.”

“The deal reflects a growing trend by personal computer makers
to join Internet providers in offering bundled services at low
prices, sacrificing the cost of PC hardware while making money back
on Internet charges and other services.”

“…The iToaster represents an alternative to PCs running
Microsoft’s pervasive Windows operating system. The Microworkz
system instead runs software by Menlo Park, California-based Be,
makers of a respected but little-used operating system.”