Reviewers needed to proofread new 2.1 kernel man pages.

Andreas Kleen is requesting help
reviewing the latest batch of kernel man pages. They are available
at ftp.muc.de:/people/ak/netman-281198.tgz

See below for his message:

Here is the first snapshot of rewriten networking manpages to document
all the exciting new sockets features that have been added in 2.1.
There are still some things missing (see the FIXME file in the distribution), 
but the man pages are much better than the old ones.  I am looking for


- First (still incomplete) description of netlink/rtnetlink.
- icmp.4, udp.4, ip.4, tcp.4, ddp.4 man pages for IPv4, UDP TCP, AppleTalk 
including all nearly supported socket options in 2.1 and most sysctls.
- cmsg.3 with a description of POSIX ancilliary data.
- socket.4 as high level description of the socket interface.
- First description at all of PF_PACKET (packet.4)
- First documentation of Linux flavoured raw sockets (raw.4)
- Some annoying misdocumentations fixed.
- Attempt at answering some of the "FAQ Questions" (feedback on more
common mistakes that could be addressed is welcome)
- netdevice.4 with the attempt to document some of the networking
device configuration interface (ioctls, sysctls).
- unix.4 manpage.

ddp.4 was contributed by Alan Cox.

Please send reports about grammar bugs/typos/unclear passages/omissions etc.
to [email protected] I plan to submit them after some external reviewing to the
Linux man page maintainer.

It is available at